Another “Trees Are Made Out of Wood” Story

This goes in the “No Duh” File:

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt says the company is pulling its support of a conservative political group because he believes it is lying on climate change.

The group, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), lobbies state legislatures on a variety of issues. It has proposed legislation to roll back government mandates for greater use of renewable energy.

…Schmidt said Google’s support of ALEC was due to an unrelated issue, which he did not identify. But he said “I think the consensus within the company was that that was some sort of mistake, and so we’re trying to not do that in the future.”

Or more like Google is a crazy “Progressive” company. They’re anti-gun, they support government spying, and their leadership are hardcore Democrats. Of COURSE they should never be involved in a Conservative PAC.

H/T Mrs. Weer’d

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One Response to Another “Trees Are Made Out of Wood” Story

  1. Robb Allen says:

    2000 – Do No Evil
    2006 – Evil is hard to define
    2014 – We make autonomous military robots!

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