Anti-Gun Hypocrites

Now in actuality anti-gun people AREN’T hypocrites, they’re simply liars. All of these arguments are moot when you note that whatever they say about public safety, or background checks, or magazine size etc, the reality is they want to ban ALL guns from EVERYONE, with the possible exception of police, military, and private security, and even those issues are debatable.

We have the great “Progressive” platform that showing an ID before you collect what becomes an untraceable ballot as soon as it’s collected is racist and onerous. Meanwhile before somebody can buy or sell a firearm you must employ a federally licensed gun dealer to conduct the transfer with ID, background checks, personal information, and firearm information all changing multiple hands.

That’s just “Common Sense”. Furthermore guns that can be transferred in any way MUST have a serial number, must be logged at the manufacturer, and must only be transferred from the manufacturer to a licensed gun dealer. Now with private sales the trail of a gun CAN go cold, especially if that gun has been in circulation for a long time, but of course the proposed gun laws won’t effect that in any way. Still recently made guns will have a pretty fresh trail. If officials REALLY wanted to track down a gun today they can. Hell just look at any of the national news shootings, they have all the information on when and where the guns used in the crime were bought.

Still the people who are against “Universal Background Checks” cite financial reasons (if you’re selling a gun because you want money for it, you don’t want to have to PAY money to get that money, no matter the fee, and if you’re simply bartering goods and services with a gun, demanding a background check suddenly requires cash to exchange hands) but also the idea that this will eventually create a registry of all law abiding gun owners in the country.

Well we already have that in many places. Massachusetts has a gun registry for all lawfully held firearms in the state. It’s never to my knowledge used to solve a crime. What it CAN be used for is demanding that I turn in my guns or go to prison. Oddly the antis never talk about that part.

Here’s another. I showed this image on a post a while ago:

Now I just found this image:

So which is it? Is the American private arsenal more powerful than the military, OR is it simply insignificant?

You can’t have it both ways. That of course is hypocrisy, but when you know their motivations, it’s just dishonesty. They don’t care HOW many guns are owned by civilians, or the military, the only number they care about is ZERO! They want private citizens to own NO firearms. Zip, Zero. And that includes single-shot rifles, double-barreled shotguns, and guns like black powder arms, and air rifles that even the ATF doesn’t count as guns.

Of course the truth is not something the populous will find reasonable, so they simply lie to make themselves out to be something they aren’t.

Oh, BTW interesting how they broke the military numbers down to 1 million handguns and 3 million rifles, but state in small print how they have no idea if those numbers are accurate. Good job guys!

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6 Responses to Anti-Gun Hypocrites

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  2. Bob S. says:

    I think I finally figured out where the anti-rights cultists get the idea of “guy with gun versus tank/plane/battleship” — they think that Red Dawn was a documentary.

    • Jonah says:

      Well, apparently, they weren’t watching the movie either because a bunch of guys with small arms DID beat the guys with tanks and submarines. That, of course, was fictional. But, it happened in real life in Afghanistan. Having bigger guns with better technology doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to win a war.

  3. Ray says:

    One of the things the “Antis” (or the pro gunners for that matter) don’t seem to know, or WANT to know is; The US Military has been so “downsized” that the actual number of “trigger pullers” in the US Armed forces is now far fewer than one million. Since Obama took office in ’08 he has also worked tirelessly to “downsize” the “weapons inventory” . There are now FAR less than “three million weapons” left in the military inventory. The US Military is the world biggest bluff . Not only are we no longer a “super power” we are in many ways less powerful than nations like France, Germany and the UK. The reason the global “antis” want us disarmed is that “we the people” constitute the largest and best armed force on earth, outnumbering all of the police and army’s on earth COMBINED by millions to one. This is the thing the communist hope we never realize.

  4. AM says:

    Did anyone else notice the Druganov/PSL silhouette listed under the government asset side of the first picture?

    People who focus on weapon systems fundamentally fail at understanding the nature of insurgent warfare.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yep there’s a link from where I first discussed that image and the comment sections REALLY tear it apart, like the “Aircraft Carrier” with the destroyer guns mounted in front of the island.

      Also it’s a Draganov rifle, not a PSL, you can tell by the space between the trigger guard and the mag well. 🙂

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