Images of the Antis: Government

First is one they should know better about, but don’t:

Yep, because every other amendment in the Bill of Rights is magically frozen in the 18th Century! I mean I have no freedom of speech in this blog because the computer and the internet didn’t exist in the 18th Century. TV News has no freedom of the press because radio, satellite, and TVs didn’t exist then either.

Heck Newspapers don’t have a freedom of press because they aren’t hand-setting their printing presses.

Of course the list goes on, such as the 4th Amendment not allowing indiscriminate wire-tapping of phones, or hacking my computer from afar.

And of course the 2nd Amendment wasn’t about GUNS it was about ARMS! Yeah, swords, knives, clubs and other arms are protected too!

They have no idea what they’re talking about, but they’re still talking!

Next up this!

First up, I’m not one of those guys who owns a Jane’s Guide to XYZ, and I can’t really spot military equipment well. I don’t know the difference between a Abrams and a Sherman tank, and I couldn’t even name a Ruskie tank, let alone pick out out of a lineup.

Still I can tell that there is Soviet technology mixed in with American, and God-knows what else (I’m sure somebody will have fun naming the shit in this image).

I will note that the SVD Rifle is something Americans can and do own, as well as superior technology. The ICBMs, the Nuclear Subs, cruise missiles. and the artillery aren’t really something the .gov could effectively use against a political revolt on their own soil, as it would be leveling civilian targets and do nothing more than make the fence-sitters really know its time to arm up and start shooting back.

Also many of those items will be captured or defect in the event of a shooting war between a tyrannical government and true patriots.

Still these prevalent images really strike me as masturbation of the anti-gun people. They don’t want to debate with us, they don’t like that we push back against their stupid agenda, so really they wish our impressive military would just pack up and exterminate us.

And that’s why we own guns!

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19 Responses to Images of the Antis: Government

  1. The_Jack says:

    And then they get angry when we don’t trust them when they promise they don’t want to ban guns.

    Course the hypocrisy is baked into the cake given the doublethink of “The state would never turn tyrannical.” With “Besides if it did you proles would totally and rightly be crushed.”

    But these are the same goons that promise up and down that Law X won’t result in Registration while talking about how great Registration is.

    Who also talk about how Registration won’t infringe or cause any confiscation while also talking about how they want these guns “off the street”.

    It’s like they’re shocked that we actually remember what they’re saying.

  2. Borepatch says:

    As to tanks and fighter planes, this doesn’t seem to impress the Taliban, who’ve tied up a lot of our troops for a decade now without much success on our part.

  3. Some Idiot says:

    In high school, I had a teacher tell the class once that there was no point in even acknowledging the rights in the Second Amendment as rights AGAINST the government, since there was no way citizens with rifles could stop tanks.

    This teacher was the only hippie in Arizona and about 5’7″ and 120 lbs wet, whereas I was 17, 6’1″, and almost 220 at that point (and also amped on so much testosterone at that point that punching the back window of someone’s car in genuinely seemed like a rational way to end friendly disagreements). I stood up in the back and asked him if he would agree that he had no natural right to defend himself against me, because after all, if I put my mind to walking up to the front of the class and beating him until he cried like a little girl with a skinned knee, there would be nothing he could do about it. Later, we laughed and laughed, the principal and I…

  4. Will Brown says:

    I want a citation for the apparent battleship/air craft carrier clone at the bottom of the drawing. I’m pretty certain that particular mash-up doesn’t exist outside the artists head.

  5. Allen says:

    Some of that gear looks soviet. They can’t help themselves, can they?

  6. Joe in PNG says:

    I don’t know what to call it when the same people that have spent the last 50 years telling me that the USA cannot possibly win against indigenous forces in Vietnam/Honduras/Afganistan/Iraq ect are now trying to tell me that the same American forces would happily and easily win victory in a second American Civil War.

    The same military that the antis and hippies have protested against, spit on, cut the benefits of, called criminals, and demonstrated nothing but hatred toward.

    Stoopid freaking hippies.

  7. Eck! says:

    We could laugh at them but that would be cruel.

    But when your that stupid…

    …deep from the belly…. Ha, ha, ha, ha!

    The stupid it burns.


  8. Cargosquid says:

    The Tea Party will protect us!

    That statement says it all.

    Notice…they refuse to do anything to protect themselves.

  9. TS says:

    We actually saw a recent example of what would happen when a militia takes up arms and stands up to the government. Who backed down in Nevada? Why didn’t they just carpet bomb the “first amendment zone” with drones?

  10. Paul says:

    Well let’s see.

    Long time ago somewhere about 1776 a HUGE county called Britain, decided to CRUSH some local yokels called Yankees. The Brits had lots of ships, cannons, soldiers, horses, etc… way more than the local yokels could muster.

    Guess who won?

    What would a tyrannical government do? Nuke Dallas? Drive a armored division through Little Rock? Firebomb Memphis?

    And remember folks, alot of local yokels today are EX-GI and know well how to fight the military as it is setup now.

    The 2nd Amendment is not about duck hunting. It’s about keeping the other amendments.

    sic semper tyrannis

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  12. Windy Wilson says:

    It’s like they’re shocked that we actually remember what they’re saying.
    Jack — Well, yeah, you’re supposed to have the memory of a parakeet. What’s the use of all the computer games, American Idol, the various “reality” shows and legalized marijuana if you’re going to remember what they tell you is the god’s honest truth from week to week?

  13. divemedic says:

    If a citizen uprising ever were advanced enough that fighter jets and artillery were being used, the uprising would grow to the point that it would be unstoppable.

    There is a critical mass that, once reached, a rebellion becomes uncontrollable. Remember that there are only about 2 million in the military, meaning that they are outnumbered 150 to one and, once you consider defections and the fact that the vast majority of military personnel are clerks and support personnel, the number is probably closer to about 500 to one.

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