Colion on Chicago Violence

Great video:

Gun laws not being enforced, police staying away from dangerous places to save their own asses, and politicians pushing for more laws that also won’t be enforced.

Remember the anti-freedom people don’t want to be called “Gun Control Advocates” but “Gun Safety Advocates”. When do they advocate for actual safety?

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2 Responses to Colion on Chicago Violence

  1. It seems that the only people who are focusing on Chicago Violence as a “Social Issue” are pro-gun folks. Everybody else looks at the “GUNS = BAD” angle.

    Which is NOT HELPFUL.

    But politicians can pass laws against guns, and it looks like they’re doing something. The best part about that approach is that it doesn’t cost the government any significant amount of money.

    Jobs for youths? Actually prosecuting and incarcerating gang-bangers/felons who are found carrying guns? Those approaches cost money. And they are “Long Term Solutions”: you know, the kind which just might work.

    Correcting societal ills are hard. Passing laws is easy. Guess which one is the preferred approach by politicians?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Personally I think ending prohibition on drugs might have a massive effect. These shootings are ALL gang related. Gangs recruit because the top dogs have money to show and toys to play with. They get that money from the sale of drugs, and to a lesser extent the business of prostitution (which never should have been a crime in the first place).

      I’ve read economic papers that show that you’d do BETTER just slinging burgers at the local grease pit, than selling drugs, but without withholdings, pay stubs, hours, interviews, drugs at least APPEAR to be better money, and then you have the culture which glamorizes it.

      There would be consequences to this end of prohibition, but I can’t image it would be HALF as bad as gang violence and the War on Drugs.

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