Give Some Thanks

So it’s Thanksgiving, and soon I’ll be heading up to Maine to spend some time with my family and eat too much dead bird.

Still I have to be sappy and talk about what I’m thankful for!

Baby with Bugs

My baby messes with the lobsters at the grocery store! AWESOME!

Hope you’re all having a happy Thanksgiving! Eat too much and have a good time!

Also poll for the questions, I know some people who treat Thanksgiving as a drinking holiday. I like to drink, but this isn’t one of them. Maybe a glass or two of wine with the Italian side, but on my side of the family we don’t do much of the boozing. Do you?

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  1. divemedic says:

    I spent the summer in Lincoln, ME. The fishing was great, but it looks pretty cold up there right now. Whereabouts are you going to be?

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