“Gun Death” Look at the Numbers!

Just look at the numbers!

Since the introduction of colorful, single-load packets of laundry detergent in 2012 through the end of 2013, more than 17,000 children under age 6 ate or inhaled the contents or squirted concentrated liquid from a packet into their eyes, researchers reported Monday.

Their study is the first to compile all cases reported to the National Poison Data System, confirming fears that accidental poisonings with laundry packets, which many households choose for their convenience, are not uncommon. Because reporting to the database is voluntary, the figure is likely an underestimation, several experts said. The study was published in the journal Pediatrics.

Now when the “Gun Death” Cultists talk about “Children” being killed with guns, generally they’re talking about gang members, or others involved in the illegal drug trade (but really, I repeat myself) ages 15-24 getting shot. This is honest-to-god little kids dying, and the numbers for just this demographic is GREATER THAN THE NON-SUICIDE “Gun Deaths” every year.

On an interesting side note my wife was having dinner with an Poison Control researcher and he was mentioning that they’re baffled at these poisoning deaths. The contents are little more than concentrations of what is otherwise in what you’d pour into your washing machine, but the deaths are far higher than kids who decided to drink liquid detergent.

Now of course you won’t hear about this, because “Progressives” NEED detergent pods to wash their clothes and dishes. They don’t NEED guns, so guns should be banned, and so only “Gun Death” should count!

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2 Responses to “Gun Death” Look at the Numbers!

  1. RNK says:

    To be perfectly fair, the number of deaths is much lower, at 2.

    The numbers for hospitalization and serious medical effects (not including death) are, of course, much higher, with about 760 hospitalizations (4.4%) and about 1300 serious medical effects (7.5%).

    By comparison, a quick WISQARS query for firearm injuries and deaths for the appropriate age group (0-6) in the appropriate time (2012) gives 225 nonfatal injuries but 120 deaths (all cases). The accidental numbers are still lower: 40 nonfatal injuries and 31 deaths.

  2. Archer says:

    It’s true, the single-use packets are just concentrations of normal liquid detergent, but consider this:

    A kid who decides to try drinking normal detergent will be put off by the taste very quickly, and likely won’t ingest much.

    A kid who decides to eat the single-serve packet will have ingested more of the detergent’s active ingredients before the taste gets to him/her, by virtue of it being more concentrated.

    Another example: the tastes of wine and hard liquor can be equally off-putting to someone who just doesn’t like the taste of alcohol, but if they manage to get one ounce down before the flavor gets to them, which will affect them more?

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