Good Luck Guys!

Brady Campaign Sues Gander Mountain and Straw Buyer:

The families of two volunteer firefighters killed in the Christmas Eve 2012 shootings in Webster and two survivors of the attack are suing the store that sold the guns used against them.

In addition to Gander Mountain Co., the lawsuit also names Dawn Nguyen, who bought the weapons, and the estate of the shooter, William Spengler Jr., as defendants.

Attorneys working with a national gun control group, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, announced that they had filed the suit on the plaintiffs’ behalf Tuesday morning at the law offices of Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP in Rochester.

As far as I know Nguyen filled out all the forms and broke multiple federal and state laws when she bought and transferred that firearm. Unless they have some audio recordings where Nguyen openly stated the gun was for a felon, they have a pretty hard case to make.

For Nguyen, they do have a case, but I doubt she has assets to make it worth it!

So yeah, good luck with that!

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