“Gun Death” Big Bridge

Note that San Francisco is one of the cities desperately fighting to keep their failed 20th Century gun laws in place:

A record number of suicides at the Golden Gate Bridge in 2013 demonstrates the need for a safety net to be installed underneath the landmark, a watchdog group says.

The Bridge Rail Foundation, which tracks fatalities at the iconic San Francisco bridge, said Tuesday that 46 people jumped to their deaths in 2013, according to Reuters.

Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District spokeswoman Mary Currie also confirmed the number and added that authorities and members of the public had to stop another 118 people that year from doing the same.

Build a safety net…or just ban more guns! I mean only “Gun Deaths” count, especially in ‘Frisco where they are quick to talk about “Gun Death”.

The Golden Gate Bridge is REALLY big and long, I imagine a safety net would cost a bundle, as well as add the trivial eyesore to what is a beautiful piece of architecture.

I’ve lost loved ones to suicide and it is a horribly sad thing…still from my standpoint the idea of FIGHTING suicide seems a futile effort. Further I know people who have “Attempted Suicide” who I’m as near 100% sure (not being able to be in their head when they did their various dangerous acts) where their death was NEVER an intended outcome, and maybe I’m cynical, but of those 118 people who were stopped from jumping, how many really planned to end their life that day.

Its a sad topic, and one I have mixed feelings about, as well as a little anger about. What do you think?

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  1. If they did have easy access to a bridge, or maybe if the bridge wasnt even there…..

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