Images of the Antis: Same False reality

It seems Moms Demand Action is really about spreading ignorance:

I already talked about this trope when Joan Peterson attempted to spin it. Further here’s the article about where the guns in Columbine came from.

Two of the three people who illegally sold guns to the shooters at Columbine went to prison. The third, Robyn Anderson was not prosecuted in exchange for her testimony in the Colorado legislature to pass expansion of the laws she openly broke.

According to the article Anderson was not prosecuted because she had “no prior knowledge” of the plans for a massacre. I find this doubtful, as I also find it doubtful that she didn’t have any knowledge of the two teen’s criminal history. Still what can’t be denied was that she knew that the two were under 18 and therefore illegal for her to sell them guns in the first place.

Still that was good enough for this one criminal to walk away free with blood on her hands. The argument here is ignorance of the law is grounds for immunity against it. Now this is federal law, and the Brady bill was still relatively fresh so teens then got a refresher course in every news agency, and in my case (I’m aproximately the same age) teachers in school taught about this law, of the Gun Control Act of 1968.

So Moms are demanding we pass a law to make a crime MORE of a crime to prevent a crime where 2 men went to prison for doing what this law would send them to prison for, and one got away scott-free because she claimed “She didn’t know”, despite the laws being in the damn water supply in 1999!

This comes to why I keep bringing stuff like this up. Moms are attempting to form a coalition of ignorance. That is the true definition of a paper tiger because every argument they can attempt to make is easily squashed by even the most novice pro-freedom activist.

Any politician who makes such foolish claims will make themselves out to be a lazy ignorant fool on the national stage.

All it takes is for us to fight back, and we don’t even have to fight hard.

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4 Responses to Images of the Antis: Same False reality

  1. docstrange says:

    Wow. This is a heck of a trend – just flat out lying about trivially-checked facts. They usually prefer bare statistics that can be worded up to mean whatever they want, but a flat-out, trivially-checked falsehood is major. This change needs to be broadcast widely – having seemingly run out of spin, they now run to simple, bald-faced lies.

  2. jb says:

    Lies, all Lies.

  3. Jeff O says:

    Thanks for informing us of the truth. All gun owners need to remember as many facts as possible to have rational discussions with those that are on the fence RE gun control. Proving the continuous lies and disinformation of the antis to the undecided goes much further than just saying its my 2A right. We already know we are a small but unified group, lets expand our numbers whenever the opportunity arises; we are all ambassadors to the cause!

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