“Gun Death”: Home Invasion

This is a REALLY sad one!

A 66-year-old stroke victim who used a walker was stabbed to death and his wife wounded when they came face to face with a burglar while entering their home after a birthday celebration with their grandkids, cops said.

And what could have stopped this? Sounds like he snuck into the house after the couple parked their car in the garage, so it doesn’t seem like their home security was too lax.

Maybe if somebody in the pair had a gun? Of course they were in New York City, where it is difficult to have a gun, and given they had JUST gotten home, so in most cases the gun used would be their concealed carry gun, which is banned. In the event they didn’t have a conceal carry permit and gun, they would have needed VERY quick access to a gun.

Both of which are essentially illegal in NYC.

Of course the violent criminal is the key perpetrator, but who else is to blame for this?


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