“Gun Death” More China School Stabbings

Remember, if guns were banned school slayings will stop!

The new school year in China began Monday with a horrifying attack.

A man stabbed to death three children at a primary school in central China and then committed suicide by jumping off a building, state media reported.

…Wielding a knife, the man stabbed eight students and a teacher before he took his own life, the report said.

I’ve lost count on how many school stabbings there have been since I started doing the “Gun Death?” Files, but it’s been a LOT! This one has the added stat that he killed himself, like most spree killers do, but rather than a gun, or even the knife in this case, he jumped to his death.

What laws would have stopped this? Given that China is essentially a giant prison, you can all see the rhetorical nature of that question.


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