“Gun Death” Terrible Mom

This one is just a rabbit hole of horrible! Ye be warned!

A young mom has been charged with child abuse after she left her young son home alone while she went to work and then didn’t return until the next day.

When Megan McKeon returned to her home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, 20 hours later she found her young son, Austin Davis, lying face up with his eyes open. He was immobile and showed no signs of life.

Investigators say McKeon’s home, described as a cabin at a local campground, was in chaos, with human waste and partially eaten food tossed around.

…McKeon told detectives she had left food, juice and a movie playing for her son. She also told detectives she had left him home alone on a regular basis, about 20 times before.

After her shift, McKeon reportedly spent the night at the home of an unnamed boyfriend before heading home the next morning, reports Denver Westworld.

…The boy’s father, Tyler Davis, 22, was in prison at the time of Austin’s death after he was arrested for not registering as a sex offender after allegedly going up to multiple underage teen girls and offering them money for sex.

…A doctor who tried to save Austin’s life was concerned the boy possibly had ingested prescription medication or other substances.

So much horrible there! Yeah, we should be spending time banning guns rather than being concerned about crap like this! You know, only “Gun Death” counts!

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  1. Thirdpower says:

    No calls for the mandatory training, licensing, and registration of families. Perhaps we should ban ‘High Capacity Assault Parents’ who have more than 5 children.

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