“Gun Death” Zombie Movie

A Really Sad One:

Two men were killed Sunday evening in a plane crash while filming a low-budget zombie movie in Central Florida.

…The two were filming the finale to zombie film ‘What Tomorrow Brings’ and according to Monroe County fire officials, there were ‘lots of extras’ nearby at the time.

‘It could’ve been much worse, because if it came down where all those people were it could’ve been very tragic,’ Ms Crandall remarked.

According to the film’s Facebook page, ‘What Tomorrow Brings’ follows the lives of seven people as they fight to survive as zombies takeover Ocala, Florida.

This isn’t just limited to small movies, the very awesome Twilight Zone Movie decapitated actor Vic Morrow in a helicopter crash.

I’d hate to see the antis ban films just as much as I’d hate to seem them ban guns. But to them only “Gun Death” counts!

H/t Bob

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Sounds like safety took a back seat again… dammit…

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