Back from my Holiday in Maine. It was AWESOME! Everybody had a great time and I got SLEEEP! Seriously one morning I was sleeping in my childhood bedroom with the baby in a crib at the foot of my bed and she started talking. I was laying there waiting for her to possibly fall back asleep…when my Mom came into the room, grabbed the baby and hauled her off for some serious grand-parents spoiling, and I fell back asleep for another HOUR!

For those who don’t have children, you may not understand the bliss of this!

Yeah so great Christmas!

Also because all of you will love this, Daddy got a Ghillie Suit!


And LaWeer’da Killed a Bear….it was Maine so we baited it! LaWeer’da baited this large specimen in with nothing but Clementine Oranges and baby talk!

Dad saw one of these suits at the LL Bean Employee store ages ago, but hesitated and lost it to another employee. Since then he realized they’re a hot commodity, and didn’t let this one get past him! I’m DEEPLY amused!

My Mom is NOT amused! 🙂

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas or whatever else you did over the last few days!

Regular posting to resume in a bit!

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3 Responses to Holli-Daze

  1. Ratus says:

    How is La’weerda hovering? Did you Photoshop this?

    Wait, are you in the picture Weer’d?


  2. UncleJesse says:

    I’m more amused that 95% of the time you’d be far better camouflaged in an outfit that made you look like a Starbucks…

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