I Don’t Think They Meant it to be Taken Like This

Remember that site “Attack Watch” the Obama camp created as some sort of alleged way to bully people who weren’t hauling water for our lousy President?

Well it backfired because every Conservative/Libertarian/Pro-Liberty Independant/ and Moderate Democrat simply submitted their own personal sites for the President to personally contemplate for a “Two Minutes Hate”.

Instead everybody who played along got added to the Democrat party’s personal email list for scores of Junk Mail about how to best stomp-out Freedom in America.

Most of them go into the trash, but this one amused me:

Hello — I’m emailing you again because the Senate is at stake.

If the GOP gains just six seats, the same Republicans who just voted to sue me will control both houses of Congress.

Republicans will control everything in Congress from Medicare to education. I don’t need to tell you how devastating the consequences would be.

That’s why the DSCC is building an enormous voter mobilization program to win. But I know first hand: Launching field offices and recruiting new volunteers takes time and work, and it’s not cheap.

I need you today. Will you pitch in to stop a Republican Senate takeover? Gifts will be triple matched for a single day only.

…The election is in just 68 days. That means we have very little time — just over two months — to knock on doors, register voters, and win this thing.

What you do right now will determine what direction our country takes: Will you let Republicans take charge of everything from the future of Medicare to education? Or will you make sure Democrats stay in charge?

Join me in this fight — pitch in and your gift will be triple matched before midnight.

Thank you,

Barack Obama

Well isn’t that heartening? We just need to nuke 6 “progressives” in the Senate to scuttle the whole thing? Of course it’s fear-mongering because we still have RINOs and other psudo-“Progressives” listed as “Independents”, but still, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I’m doing my part! Everybody, vote out your “Progressive” representation, because it means doom to the Obama agenda!

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