Images of the Antis: Fear or Fear-Mongering?

You be the judge!

Baldr Open Carry

So Jason “Baldr” Kilgore of Ceasefire Oregon says “It’s not a political thing. I do not feel safe. I will not return. And that’s that.” in regards to open carry.

We KNOW he’s well aware that there has never been an issue with open carriers that resulted in personal injury or even anything close. He scours the news every day for any story that can be twisted to the breaking point to be anti-gun, you know that if he ever found anything that suggested that somehow somebody with a slung rifle or holstered pistol doing their shopping was a danger he’d be blogging about it anyplace that hasn’t banned him.

He may not know that both the rifles pictured are obviously unloaded, unless the lady in green feels the need to be EXTRA anti-gun compliant and has one of those 5-round flush-fit magazines. Still given that her gun has a pistol grip AND a collapsible stock, I highly doubt that. The lady in blue, even with as grainy as the photo is, I can see the empty mag well.

So is he honest when he says such an image doesn’t make him feel safe, and there is no politics behind that? Also is that JUST because there are rifles being carried, or is it open carry that concerns him? It certainly isn’t the carry of guns because Oregon has fairly liberal Concealed Carry laws (as well as Open Carry laws), so Likely wherever Jason shops, goes to movies, or otherwise spends his time outside of his home, he’s probably encountered more than a few armed private citizens.

Which leads me to the question if he is lying. He knows that these open-carry demonstrations, be it a group demonstration, or a single individual or family choosing to exercise their rights in a way to promote awareness, do NOT quickly degrade into a mass shooting, or have instances of physical confrontation or negligent discharge of firearms. He knows that people can freely carry without police discretion or onerous requirements, or liberal town preemption. He knows Oregon doesn’t have an “Assault Weapons Ban” that limits the choices of those who choose to go armed.

That leads me to believe this is NOTHING short of a political statement and indeed he’s feigning concern to make his agenda look more valid.

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14 Responses to Images of the Antis: Fear or Fear-Mongering?

  1. Thirdpower says:

    We always have to remember. He classifies himself as a ‘survivor of gun violence’ because he allegedly rubbernecked at a crime involving a gun decades ago.

    • Archer says:

      Thirdpower beat me to it. He believes himself a “survivor of gun violence” because a gun was pointed in his general direction during a robbery or altercation that he wasn’t even a party to.

      By that logic, I’m a “survivor of domestic violence” because the neighbors argue loudly and occasionally a random small object hurled in anger ends up in our yard. (Note: This is in no way intended to ridicule or downplay the true tales of real domestic violence survivors – just Baldr/Jason’s obscenely low bar.)

      Besides, as you say, Oregon is “Shall Issue” for CCW licenses (CHL), and the barrier-to-entry for a CHL is quite low ($40-50 class, $50 fee good for 4 years, plus $15 for fingerprinting the first time), and we’re mostly an “Open Carry” state – all except for Portland (no open carry at all; police exempted), Salem (openly-carried long guns must be unloaded; handguns, too, unless the carrier has a CHL; police exempted), and Bend (similar to Salem).

      Please be aware, Baldr/Jason lives in the Eugene/Springfield area, an hour’s drive (assuming little-to-no traffic) from the nearest “open-carry restricted” town. If the possibility of open-carry concerns him so much, why doesn’t he just move?

  2. Bob S. says:

    And just how does Jason “Baldr Odinson” Kilgore get his martial arts swords and other weapons into the dojo?

    This is all part of their agenda to demonize every gun owner.
    Carry Concealed — why then you are sneaky and just trying to goat someone into a situation so you can use your firearms.
    Open Carry — then you are trying to intimidate everyone.
    Hunt — well you must be one of those people who can just snap at any time.

    See no matter who or what you do as a gun owner; they will find a way to smear you.

  3. Maxwell says:

    If I saw that, I’d pick up the slack for ol’ Baldr. And I know a few others who would, too.

  4. Allen says:

    I knew a guy who wouldn’t date a chick, just because she had a gun. She was cute too.

    • Archer says:

      I dated a chick who wouldn’t own guns and wouldn’t date anyone who did (this was before I owned guns). She bought into the whole Kellerman myth – the one where a gun in the home is eleventeen-million times more likely to nuke the neighborhood, cause rectal cancer, and give birth to the Anti-Christ than be used in self-defense.

      And she was Jewish, and identified with Holocaust victims, including family members a couple generations back. I’ve never been able to figure out how she could be so opposed to firearms, given that family history.

      • Geodkyt says:

        I dated a girl who was extremely liberal and antigun.

        By our third date, she was comfortable with me being armed around her (probably in large part due to the neighborhood I lived in at the time — not a particularly inviting place for an upper middle class white girl from Connecticut).

        She’s still a liberal, as far as I know has never touched a gun, and likely wouldn’t have one in her house with her daughter (mostly because she knows *she* would be unlikely to be able to shoot someone, so the gun would be a net liability), but she doesn’t believe either gun owners or political conservatives are inherently any more evil than anyone else.

        All because she knows _I’m_ not some scary racist iliterate subhuman killer, nor do I associate with such. . . and most of my friends are pretty much the same as me.

  5. I’m a Native Oregonian. Lived here all my life (except for 2 years in the army and 2 years in Kalifornia … which was worse than VietNam) and having been “around the world and seen the elephant” I wouldn’t choose to live anyplace else.

    But Oregon is a Blue State, and sometimes I’m embarrassed by my fellow Oregonians.

    The problem with Oregon is that it’s so nice that Californians retire to Oregon. Then they bitch about it.

    There once was a sign on the Oregon side of the Oregon/California border:

    “Don’t Californicate Oregon!”

    (sigh) It didn’t work.

    My guess is that the improbably named “Baldr” (what, they didn’t teach vowels in Vallejo?) is an immigrant. Talk about a porous Southern Border!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Same thing happened to Vermont! It’s so quiet and pretty all the rich “Progressives” from Mass, Connecticut, and New York moved there. Then they started impementing those lovely entitlements to breed the locals to the more “Progressive” lines.

      Same for Maine too. Don’t live there if you plan on getting a job! “Progressives” hate those!

  6. Jack/OH says:

    Jeez! Loosely slung long guns carried by two women obviously occupied with shopping chores. Any guy or gal with ordinary judgment and zero personal gun experience can distinguish these two women from two people who are carrying “at the ready” as though preparing to engage a target.

    Last week I saw two guys open-carrying holstered handguns here. One was getting cash from the local credit union. (I knew him to be a local cop in civvies, but others wouldn’t know that.) Another was a guy in barely identifiable rent-a-cop togs getting something from a local C-store. No “hypnotizing rays” emanating from the handgun and directed to the carry guy. No “fear rays”, either, shooting out at bystanders. Happens all the time, I suspect, with open and concealed carry. Nothing. Just people going about their business with another personal effect on them.

    Thanks, Jason, thanks again for your input.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      You forget, the hypnotizing rays, and fear rays are cancelled out by the “Authority Rays” emitted by a badge! That’s why cops refer to their badges as “Real Badges” because the rays they emit are so strong they can penetrate for long distances even when the badge is in a leather wallet tucked into a pair of pants! The security badge rays can only penetrate open air! 😉

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