Images of the Antis: Blackface

We see it again.

First up, Cool Strawman Bro! Yeah, those Open Carry “Cosplayers” covered in MOLLE gear with their guns all covered with cheap after-market accessories, their rifle at low ready on the single-point sling do look a little silly drinking coffee at Starbucks or buying a burrito at Chipotle. Still have you EVER seen somebody carrying THREE ARs? How about the double ankle carry? Also what is he going to do with those belts of ammo?

Of course we have that menacing sneer, because let’s face it, every gun owner is just LOOKING for a reason to start a mass shooting!

Now here’s the rub. Guns aren’t cheap. Even a Hi-Point runs over $100 new, Most ARs are going to be in striking distance of $1,000, and feeding them ammo is not cheap either. This means that generally shooters and 2nd Amendment activists tend to be wealthier than the general population. Oddly enough start chatting on the range, or at a 2nd Amendment rally you’ll find the crowd full of Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, and Engineers.

Even still, this isn’t an appeal to authority. The anti-gun people are claiming that gun owners are dangerous, with no cases of rallies turning into blood baths, and I have yet to see a Mass Shooter who cared in the least for their rights to own guns. They also claim that more guns mean more crime, at a time when more people own guns than ever in the history of this nation, and we have the lowest crime rate in over 50 years.

Man, those claims sound REALLY dumb, don’t they? But yeah, gunnies are dummies!

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2 Responses to Images of the Antis: Blackface

  1. McThag says:

    Of late this cartoon could be generated by the pro-gun side. The pro side freaks out more and longer about open carry than the anti.

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