Images of the Antis: “Gun Death”

From Bloomberg’s new Anti-Gun Group Everytown:

Note Murdered WITH A GUN! This is a little trick done by gun-banners to mislead. It is not saying that Americans are more likely to be murdered than citizens of other countries, just more likely to be murdered WITH A GUN! We all have seen the “Gun Death?” Files here at Weer’d World and we know that if you aren’t murdered with a gun, that doesn’t mean you aren’t murdered.

Heck I just found this great article that looks at homicide rates (just “Murder” is often counted wildly different in other nations, Homicide is a better metric, but note it too has its flaws) in other nations.

Turns out that while America DOES have a violent crime problem, we’re hardly the most dangerous nation in the world, even if you factor in that mushy definition of “Developed Nations”. We do indeed have a lot of “Gun Death” here in America, and more than most other nations (but still hardly the highest) but we don’t have the most people who were violently killed.

Does it make much of a difference to you HOW somebody was killed, or is it important to you just to have less killing overall? Bloomberg doesn’t care, as he noted while Mayor “Gun Death” had dropped, and trumpeted this as a success. It would have been too, if A) Murder rates had fallen, they hadn’t, and B) The numbers were real (NYPD had padded numbers to change the bottom line). BTW I can’t seem to find that article as it was a few years old, if anybody has a link to that article post it in the comments so I can add it here.

The goal here is to make gun control APPEAR to increase public safety. It is NOT to improve public safety, because that is NOT what gun control does.

Oh and in amusing news I found this twitter feed that has already hijacked Bloomberg’s silly new group. If you tweet, give them a follow! Lots of people are working hard to make sure this new movement doesn’t get off the ground! $50 Million well spent, Bloomy!

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5 Responses to Images of the Antis: “Gun Death”

  1. Linoge says:

    Ahh, “developed world”… apparently that is “Everytown”‘s way of saying “dead brown people don’t matter”.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      To be fair they do like to include Japan in the list, and exclude ALL of the Former Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact nations, which are all Lilly White.

      Really it appears their definition of “Developed World” is “Nations with Indoor Plumbing AND less ‘Gun Death’ Than the United States”.

    • TS says:

      Everytown* for Gun Safety

      *excluding Juarez, Acapulco, Caracas, San Juan, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, Bogotá, San Salvador…

  2. The_Jack says:

    Yeah…. I’m sure the organization founded by massive gun banners and uses the same “oh the US has too many guns!” rhetoric totally don’t want to ban guns.

    Though that shows how “popular” their ideas are given they have to constantly lie… and how trustworthy they are.

    And Sean did some great work on the “developed countries” racism.

  3. The_Jack says:

    Also their “ostensible” goals are safe storage laws and requiring an FFL for all transfers.

    But… FFLs are required for all new gun sales already, and straw purchases are already illegal… and there’s liability for accidental death by a minor

    So is their argument that the US is 20X more “gun death” because of the used gun market?

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