Images of the Antis: Nomenclature

This one makes me chuckle:

First up, Why the hell not? Anti-gun people will call the pictured rifle an “Assault Rifle” or “Assault Weapon” simply because that best suited their agenda and had nothing to do with facts or reason.

Also people call their guns all sorts of things. They call them “Patrol Rifles”, “Defensive Rifles/carbines”, “Home defense guns”, “Evil Black Rifles”, “Go-To Gun”, “Hunting Rifle”, “Pest Control Rifle”, “Riot Gun”, etc.

Hell if somebody kicks down your door and enters your home, and you put a few .223 rounds into their center of Mass while your family calls 911 from a safe location, you COULD call it a “Protection Rifle”, but your probably won’t, because it doesn’t roll off the tongue like many of those above names do.

So my response is: “Sure they can, thanks for playing!”

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13 Responses to Images of the Antis: Nomenclature

  1. Pyrotek85 says:

    Yeah cops already call those Patrol rifles, even when they have actual automatic rifles and we don’t lol.

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  3. Maxwell says:

    If it’s carried by a guy wearing a camouflaged uniform, who’s carrying a sh*tload of ammunition, grenades, and other tac gear, can I call it a “defense of liberty weapon”?

  4. Archer says:

    My personal definition of “assault weapon”: the defensive tool/weapon I’d want to have handy in case anyone tries to assault me or mine.

    I could also call it a “home invasion gun”, not because I plan to use it to invade other people’s homes, but because I plan to use it in the unlikely and unfortunate event someone invades mine.

    The antis think they can control the language, but those words can cut both ways. Terms like “protection rifle”, however, are harder to put a negative spin on. That’s why they say it’ll “never” be called that; they just don’t want that phrase used. Not because it’s inaccurate, but because it’s damaging to the anti-rights cause.

    So I say we should use it. 😉

  5. Wally says:

    All the ARs that I have made are most clearly labeled exactly what they are.

  6. c-90 says:

    Call it, Gloria, or George, or Farfhegnugen if you prefer.

  7. Geodkyt says:

    Man, they’d lose their but if they ever found out what a selective fire, designed specifically to penetrate body armor heavier than most cops wear, equipped with a standard magazine capacity of 50 rounds, concealable, effective past 100 meters, whose standard ammunition isn’t legal for civilians, FN P90 is officially called…

    A “Personal Defense Weapon”..

  8. Geodkyt says:

    “…lose their *nut*…”

    Damned Automistake…

  9. Stuart the Viking says:

    Of course not…. That is clearly a carbine. A rifle is longer than that.

    “Protection Carbine”

    Still doesn’t roll off the tongue though.


  10. Bob S. says:


    I think you are focusing on the wrong part of the image. The name matters but the real substance of the argument is in the first line.
    “Attention Gun Nuts”

    Anyone who disagrees with them, anyone who calls the AR- platform anything than an ‘assault rifle’, — well they are point blank calling those people an extremist, questioning their mental status.

    By implication, they are pushing the idea that anyone who would even OWN one of these might be mentally unstable.

    They want to distract us with a fight about what to call them while they are out persuading people not to buy them and politicians to ban them.

    Bob S.

  11. Joel says:

    Derek beat me to it. Out here we just call it a rifle.

    Or a carbine. Whatever. Further description unnecessary, you can find one like it behind pretty much anybody’s front door.

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  13. TS says:

    How about this spin?

    Or do the Antis still say this is so that police can assault schools?

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