No Squirrels Tonight!

So Alan is all hopped up on goof-balls from having his Kidney stone “Mr. Prickles” blasted with a sonic jackhammer.

Breda has decided that letting him near all the knobs and switches in the Squirrel Report News Room would be a danger to himself, Cosmo the Cat, and the Houston Power Grid.

So no show until next Thursday.

See you then!

H/T Ratus for the image

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4 Responses to No Squirrels Tonight!

  1. Kermi says:

    Too bad. It would have been amusing to have Alan all stoned on painkillers trying to run a show…

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Depends on HOW stoned! If you listened to the Vicious Circle I was drinking gin one New Years episode and fell asleep in my chair, came to a while later, and simply went to bed without a word.

  2. mike w. says:

    I trust Breda’s judgment on this one.

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