Never heard of such a thing, but I’d try it!

Is a Del’s frozen lemonade-inspired Narragansett shandy destined for a store shelf near you in the near future? Probably.

…A PR representative for the company confirmed to me Thursday that the news was indeed true, but Narragansett CEO Mark Hellendrung tells me the talk is “premature” until the company tweaks the recipe and receives government approval. If all goes well, the beverage, a combination of ‘Gansett’s award-winning lager with Del’s lemon concentrate, will be released sometime in April. It will be sold in six-packs of 16-ounce tallboy cans and weigh in around 5 percent alcohol by volume.

Never heard of a Shandy before, but if its a ‘Gansett, it’s gonna be good!


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3 Responses to Interesting

  1. bluesun says:

    Shandy is weird but good. Leaning towards the weird side. I still would just prefer a quality lighter beer, though.

  2. Will Brown says:

    Shandy is a very popular drink in England pubs during what passes for “summer” there. 🙂

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