King Classy

Judge violently assaults his wife:

A judge accused of biting and punching his wife as they drove through a suburb with their young daughters in the backseat has been charged with felonious assault.

Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Lance Mason was being held in Shaker Heights city jail. A judge ruled Monday that Mason could not post bond until after he has undergone a psychiatric evaluation because of threats to harm himself before his arrest in Cleveland on Saturday.

Mason’s wife, Aisha Mason, can be heard in a 911 recording telling a Shaker Heights police dispatcher: “My husband just beat me and threw me out of the car.” She also said that Mason drove off with their two daughters and she was afraid he would hurt them.

I wonder how this jerk ruled on cases with other violent monsters like himself. Much like how you soon find that anti-gun activists have criminal issues of their own and/or have been protecting violent criminals, I imagine that a judge like this doesn’t throw the book at a monster who did his own dark inner desires.


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2 Responses to King Classy

  1. Archer says:

    “I imagine that a judge like this doesn’t throw the book at a monster who did his own dark inner desires.”

    Or he does throw the book at them, likely because in his heart of hearts he hates himself and punishes others’ identical transgressions with the fury he’d bring on himself … if he was willing to actually face the punishment.

    It’s another form of the projection we see from antis. They can’t trust themselves – often for good reason – so they conclude that they can’t trust us, either.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    What is even more disturbing is the following facts: A), Hizzoner has a long and distinguished career of feeding off the Taxpayer’s as a member of the DemaCommie Political Elite. His Uber- Liberal Creds are Etched in Stone. B) Yet, when the Police came to his Home to secure his Firearms, they found EVIL BLACK ASSAULT RIFLES! AND SMOKE GRENADES! C) Now, since he was INVOLUNTARILY placed under Psychiatric Observation, he is SUPPOSED to lose his “VAST ARSENAL” as Shannon and Japete and Ladd would say. BTW, have you heard ANYTHING from the Usual Suspects about this guy? Or do they just want to take Firearms away from the CONSERVATIVE side of the Political Spectrum? Because I’m not hearing anything from the Liberal Media about one of their Own being busted with an ARSENAL! D) OH, did you know that the Supreme Court just ruled NINE to ZERO that ANYONE with a MISDEMEANOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CONVICTION is PROHIBITED from owning or having Access to ANY FIREARMS? So, even if this AssHat beats the Psych Rap, he still should be charged at a MINIMUM with Domestic Violence, and lose his Firearms that way.

    But since he’s a BLACK DEMACOMMIE, I wonder how he’s gonna get his Cronies to give him a Pass on Charges that would land you and me in the Pen for 5 years Minimum! IF they ever give out future news on this guy, I’ll send you an Update.

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