Light Blogging Ahead!

So we’re making our annual trip to lake Champlain tomorrow. I’ll be generally away from the blog all week. I have the “Gun Death” Reports all set up so you’ll get new content every day.

What’s exciting is little LaWeer’da will be making her first trip to Vermont OUTSIDE of Mommy! She’ll get a chance to swim in the big lake for the first time. I suspect she’ll love it.

A lot different from her little pool!

Baby Pool

Will be a well-deserved vacation! See you all in a week!

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3 Responses to Light Blogging Ahead!

  1. bluesun says:

    See if you can’t use the baby as bait for Champ–bring your camera!

  2. Tom from Roanoke Virginia says:

    LaWeerda is a fine young lady, congrats! Looking forward to the SQRPT for my commute Friday morning.

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