More Anti-Gun Infighting, and Political Observation

Have a look at this article:

Filmmaker and Funny or Die co-founder Adam McKay will become the latest honoree of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence at a gala tonight in Los Angeles. McKay is appalled at the lack of congressional action on “even basic gun safety and background checks,” as he noted when the honor was announced. When I spoke with him by phone in an anticipation of the award, McKay said he wanted to make a connection between the state of gun policy and an issue that runs through many of McKay’s movies, from police comedy “The Other Guys” to his mockery of David and Charles Koch’s funding of tea party challengers in “The Campaign” to the “Anchorman” franchise: the relationship between money and politics.

Maybe I’m reading too far into this, but a Brady Campaign honoree espousing the evils of money and politics in a time where the fracture between Michael Bloomberg and his former allies in the Brady Campaign are growing bigger. Is this the new move for the Brady Campaign to take-back the top gun-banner spot in American Politics?

And then there’s this:

The solution? McKay singled out Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as one of his favorite political communicators (even including President Obama), and suggested that despite Warren’s denials during the publicity tour for her new book, she might feel called to run for president.

“I don’t think she wants to because she’s such a sane human being, but she’s such a public servant that I think she might have to, just to primary Hillary [Rodham Clinton],” McKay reflected. “I don’t know that we can afford Hilllary for president right now, she’s just too corporate and too conservative.”

I’ve been seeing this chatter of Warren being the new Golden Progressive since she attained office. Honestly I didn’t think many people got too excited about Freshmen Senators, especially when one wins against a weak turncoat like Scott Brown.

Still I’m starting to get the feeling that Elizabeth Warren is the new Dennis Kucinich. I must say, when Crazy Kucinich retired I was a little sad, as seeing people singing his praises was the single-best litmus test for barking moonbat. Maybe Warren will be that new Canary in the lunatic coal mine!

What do you think?

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One Response to More Anti-Gun Infighting, and Political Observation

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Warren’s Political Base begins and ends at the borders of the Uber-Libs Enclaves such as Hollywood, Beacon Hill and the Upper East Side of NYC. Can you say “Snowball’s Chance,” Boys and Girls?

    Now as for Kucinich. Dennis the Menace didn’t exactly “Retire.” This might take awhile, but since it happened in my Backyard, here’s the Inside Scoop.

    2010 Census happens, Ohio loses a Congressional District or two. Time to Gerrymander. The Republitards gained control of the Governorship, the State House, and most high level State Executive Offices, plus they already owned the State Supreme Court. So the Good Ol’Boys break out the Cigars and head for the Back Room. Up on the North Coast, Marcia “I wish I was Michelle!” Fudge (current head of the Congressional Black Caucus (RACIST!) is looking at her East Side of Cleveland Congressional District disappearing and merging with Dennis’s. So a deal was cut. The State GOP drew up a couple of “Chocolate Enclaves” (RACISTS!) in the State, and offered one to Marcia. She jumped on it faster than a Lady hitting Filene’s Basement Sale. But to make that happen, Dennis’s WEST Side District was merged with Marcy Kaptur’s Toledo/Lake Erie Shoreline District. So for the first time in years, Dennis HAD to face a Serious Opponent in a DemoCommie Primary if he wanted to keep his Seat.

    He got his Clock Cleaned. So “No Soup for YOU!”

    “And now you know the Rest of the Story.”-Paul Harvey.

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