More “Common Sense” From the Gun Control State

Have a look at this video:

House gets broken into by five armed men, and alleged fired into the home before one of them was killed.

Now the home owner is being charged because they don’t believe shots were fired, and the defender had misdemeanor prior charge.

Note at the end they demanded $50,000 bond, but the “lenient” Judge says he can go free so long as he surrenders his passport (reasonable) and wears a tracking bracelet (unreasonable).

This is why Stand Your Ground is good law. This seems like a pretty cut-and-dry case. They have video of an armed home invasion, which does look like a shot was fired by the attacker, but irrelevant, even if those guns were airsoft or squirt guns, that’s a clean shoot, even in anti-freedom New York, yet this man is being run through the ringer.

I will facetiously play the old race-card that the court is OBVIOUSLY racist because the defender is brown.

Of course that’s bullshit, the defender is a lawful gun owner, so he’s guilty by “Progressive” standards.

This is what the antis call “Common Sense”, and I want no part of it!

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