Keep Digging Bloomey!

You gotta love Michael Bloomberg!

During a highlight of the discussion, Bloomberg told Couric, “I will support individual senators and congressmen that vote to make my kids safer and your kids safer.”

“You think you can really outspend the NRA and the gun manufacturers?” Couric asked.

“Oh sure,” Bloomberg responded. “I’m not the only funder of this. All of these groups raise money. There are other people who understand. They want their kids to be safe.”

He sure can! He outspent the NRA in Colorado where his candidates were defeated in a recall election, and his bill on the books is living on borrowed time.

This is where “Progressives” and functional human beings differ. You see “Progressives” somehow think that all people are as stupid as they are, and simply spending a lot of money will automatically win votes. Now money is important because in buying ads and such you can get out your message to people who aren’t digging through the news, but there are limits to its power. We’ve all watched TV ads for candidates who we voted against, or referendum questions, or even used campaigns against their own cause by using phone and email lists to voice your opposition.

This is what happened in Colorado. Bloomberg stepped over the line, and all the money in the world won’t change which way the wind blows, because in the end its individuals voting, and contacting their representatives that wins a fight in our Republic.

So yeah, Bloomey, keep throwing money at causes that have made you one of the most repulsive men in American politics, try to ban our guns, or our food, or our cigarettes. Keep spending until you’re living under a bridge in central park. You’ve earned it!

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  1. TS says:

    I’m of the opinion that money works in letting people know there will be a vote, but it doesn’t affect how people will vote. With that, it’s absolutely tragic how much money is wasted on presidential elections being that it’s the vote that needs the least amount of publicity to remind people it’s going on.

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