More Dragon Leatherworks on NCIS!

Awesome work Dennis! His gear again appears on NCIS! You can watch the show here!

Or simply go over to Walls of the City to see the screen grabs!

If you want some Dragon Leatherworks gear, go click that banner on the side bar to your right!

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3 Responses to More Dragon Leatherworks on NCIS!

  1. bluesun says:

    I shoulda ordered something for my new revolver from him, but found a local(er) leather guy who had a holster in his clearance pile. I figure I don’t know how I want to carry this yet anyway, so I’ll start out with this one and see where I am in a few months.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      If you don’t know how you’ll want to carry it, a good deal is the best plan for a holster. Obviously a POS holster might not do the proper justice, as it might not carry the gun well. Sounds like this is the best way to dip your toe in the water, you’ll see if you like it, but not feel married to it if it isn’t right.

      For a 4″ revolver, I’ve heard the best game in town is IWB as the part that goes in your pants is relatively small compared to auto-loaders.

      • bluesun says:

        This guy seems to do good work, so I’m not worried about the quality of the holster. Might give an IWB a try sometime, but I’ve got no problem wearing long drapey shirts!

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