More “Massive Support” For Gun Control

Via Joan a picture of her lobbying bad laws that decrease public safety.

Joan Grey Hair

Man that is a LOT of grey hair! Are there ANY young people who want “Common Sense” gun reform? Aren’t there any young people willing to give weepy stories about how people broke dozens of laws so we need ONE MORE law to prevent it?

Generally when our side goes out its whole families and the crowds range from the proverbial “Eight to Eighty”.

This is what a losing side looks like, and boy they’re looking desperate!

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10 Responses to More “Massive Support” For Gun Control

  1. Bob S. says:

    Hey watch the grey hair comments there Youngster !!

    I’m not surprised that older folks are the ones who show up for the boring stuff like lobbying. Heck, we have trouble getting younger people involved also; look at the leadership of most pro-rights groups. Not exactly spring chickens.

    But yes, we do have more younger folks involved in more areas. Heck look at the efforts of Students for Concealed Carry as an example.

    More importantly look at the differences in sheer numbers — 3rd Power does a great job of documenting the lobbying efforts in Illinois

    Look at the success each group is having. California, Connecticut, New York — not many for their side. In turn how many states have loosened restrictions? Dozens.

    • Cargosquid says:

      I don’t know about the idea that only the older people are going to show up for lobbying.

      The VCDL motivates about 300 people to show up to lobby in Virginia, on Lobby Day. About half of the crowd is 30 and younger, including my 13 year old…who ASKED to go.

  2. The_Jack says:

    There’s a reason the antis go against the shooting sports that are the most fun and appealing to new and young shooters.

    And why they want to make the barriers for a person owning their first gun as high as possible

  3. Motor-T says:

    Along the same lines.

    The actual gun control demographic seems to be Mrs. Kravitz from “Bewitched”.

  4. Eck! says:

    You age quickly when your struggling to deny that some people kill and spend you days
    trying to blame a mechanical thing.

    One would think she’d be terrified of a self ambulating robot.


  5. Rick says:

    Code Words for gun confiscators: “Common Sense” “Reasonable”

  6. I have long since given up on Joan. Why pay any attention to her? I don’t think that she is very influential even in Minnesota, let alone nationally. Don’t give her legitimacy by visiting her site or commenting on her activities, even though it is mighty tempting to heap scorn on her wrong-headedness.

    I do like your thesis: gun control is a “old persons” political idea, a ’60s idea that will wither away with the ’60s generation. Look at all the new shooters, CCW holders, and gun owners out there, people who know that the grabbers are lying.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Well she’s still a member of the Brady Campaign board of directors, and one of the directors of Protect Minnesota.

      Gun control is withering, so this is what influence looks like. Because there is still a cult-like following for gun banning, she gets ears.

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