Pedantic Observation on a Brilliant Post

Larry has a great post up on hypocritical leftie celebrity know-nothings and human trafficking.

But the left hates the private sector, so hiring Blackwater (or whatever they are named this week) to gleefully give slavers some stylish new 5.56 body piercings is out of the question. So we’re back to being useless or taking military action. And if we drop Navy SEALs on these assholes, you guys really need to think through how come it is okay for our guys to kill these woman abusing assholes, but not other woman abusing assholes. Those assholes, left wingers invite to speak at Ivy League colleges.

…Sometimes I wish that Exodus was a real organization—a bunch of warriors dedicated to brutally killing slavers and evil warlords in the places where law has broken down and chaos rules—only in real life I bet the morons holding up the signs on Twitter would complain about what horrible violent cismale gendernormative colonialists they were. They’d probably come up with a catchy hash tag or something.

Swords of Exodus
is a friggin AWESOME book, and his story of human slavery does vastly more than these shallow twitter pictures.

Go read the whole thing, because this is NOT what I’m talking about. I’m talking about this picture from his blog:

First up, why does a mulit-millionare like Sean Penn have such a shitty CRT TV in what looks like a library? Second it looks like only Ben Stiller and the dude I don’t recognize took the time to make their own signs. The other sings are IDENTICAL. Have a look at the image, they have the same shading and “Don’t” seems to have some printing defect on it, or the marker used to make it was running low on ink. Maybe somebody distributed a file that each guy printed out, or it’s the SAME SIGN just being passed around. I’d assume from the defect on the “Don’t” it’s the latter. **UPDATE** Ratus notes there is a brown coffee-type stain on the lower left corner of the sign. Yep it’s the same sign for all them, and the pictures are likely from 2011!!

Either way they are ALMOST doing nothing, and expect us to be impressed.

Hell even for this stupid blog post I took the time to type it myself, that’s a lot more than what they did.

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4 Responses to Pedantic Observation on a Brilliant Post

  1. Wolfman says:

    I think Sean Penn must keep his antiques in the library. There’s a lantern right next to that tv. Congrats, we’ve reached the age where people with expendable income are buying crap from when we were kids as collectibles.

  2. Ratus says:

    If you look at the large picture at Larry’s site

    Weer’d its the same damn sign. Notice the little coffee stain on the lower left.

    But that not the biggest thing, it’s that they’re from 2011!

    They Care So Much that they didn’t take new photos. They just used ones from three years ago.

  3. Ratus says:

    Oh about that CRT tv, I’m thinking its a movie set.

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