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Via Joe’s excellent Markley’s Law Monday

I Find This:

Anti-gun pecker-check

More psychological projections. Just like they WANT to shoot people for taking their parking space, or kill somebody who shares a different political view.

They also think we’re all spending our time in the locker room pecker-checking, and somehow that matters.

Maybe its a Grown-up thing, and despite their ages “Progressives” all seem to be children.

As a grown man, married and with a kid the size of my penis has exactly ZERO relevance. My wife is OK with it, and given all our social and financial intertwinings, I doubt it has any impact in my life. I certainly have no interest or motivation to impress anybody else with it.

Really, it is about as irrelevant as anything except to myself and my wife, and honestly the SIZE of it isn’t even the top ten concerns about my PENIS let alone my day-to-day life.

Hey, but the size of my dong is REALLY important to them. I guess it keeps them up at night. Strange.

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5 Responses to Quote of the Day

  1. Cargosquid says:

    When I’m told that I’m “compensating,” I just agree with them and tell them how tired I am of having to get within 3 feet of my assailant to club him down with it.

  2. lucusloc says:

    read this: “As a grown man, married and with a kid the size of my penis has exactly ZERO relevance. ”

    then read this: “As a grown man, married and with a kid, the size of my penis has exactly ZERO relevance. ”

    I must admit I had to read it twice to make my brain separate the two parts. It’s early, I’m a bit slow.

    On topic, yeah, the are very child like in their thinking patterns, and operate more on a n emotional level (where this kind of thing matters) and less on a logical level (where most real adults function). I think it is fairly obvious to anyone who looks at it objectively that they never matured past grade school, at least as far as their logic and arguments are concerned. I also think that it is obvious that they use an awful lot of projection in their rhetoric. *They* care about penis size, so as far as they are concerned you do too.

  3. ShallNOTBeInfringed says:

    14 lb hog gets 14 oz. of coffee on my keyboard…..Dunka.

  4. Eck! says:

    The whole size of things….

    As a woman the concept when applied to me is scary! When you consider the
    source its even more obnoxious. In the end its a cheap ad hominem attack.

    Yes, they are children, they speak without much forethought, and far to often
    they just say things with no restraint. The difference is kids are for the most part
    very honest in what they blurt out.


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