Quote of the Day: John Walsh

Anti-gun people lie:

“I am the guy that has seen both sides of the issue,” Walsh told reporters Monday. “I own guns. I’m the father of a murdered child. I’ve done nothing but track violence in America since my son was murdered. We have a serious problem with guns in this country. And we refuse to address it. And the NRA solution to arm every grammar-school 80-year-old teacher with a gun is absolutely ludicrous,” he said.

We “refuse to address it”, yet he cites the NRA addressing the point. further how many 80-year-old grammar school teachers are there in this country? Ok my wife’s step-mother just got her education degree and is teaching elementary school, and she’s in her 70s, but she’d been retired for years and decided she wanted to do this. Every teacher I ever had all had the same story as the teachers I’m friends with now. They graduated high school, went to college, and started teaching soon after. Given that the unions are all the same once they get into their 60s they can make almost as much money staying home, retired, as they can grinding it out Monday Through Friday. Many of them make as much, if not more continuing to teach part time as substitutes and collecting their pension, but this is Not the bulk of our school teachers. Hell some of my teachers were just a few years older than me because I was a senior, and they had just graduated.

It seems that most gun control people WANT GUN CONTROL. I have no idea what their rational for it is, because they only state these convoluted lies about public safety that aren’t true.

We can speculate their reasons, maybe they believe the lies of other liars and refuse to fact-check, but most of them know better, and just prefer to stick to falsely claiming public safety in a way to con good people out of their guns.

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3 Responses to Quote of the Day: John Walsh

  1. Dan says:

    Maybe John should set the example and give up HIS guns.

  2. Jack/OH says:

    Did I read John Walsh right? GPS in every gun? Don’t worry, it’s not Big Brother? John needs to spend some serious quality time in some of the world’s more repressive regimes. Police surveillance is real, the threat of “friendly” police intervention in innocent activities is real, most people cave and avoid situations where police surveillance might misconstrue what they’re doing, and the few people left who have an inkling of what liberty is ruin their lives by obsessively trying to get from under the boot that’s in their face. (I spent a few months in the former German Democratic Republic back in the 1980s. My first morning I took a long walk. When I returned, the hotel manager greeted me, and hoped I had a nice walk past the harbor, near the new fire station, etc. Old school GPS–informers.)

    It’s not Big Brother, huh? Remember mission creep by power-hungry bureaucrats?

  3. Jack/OH says:

    John W., buddy, imagine yourself a visitor from Mars. You land on Earth in a room in the United States. The only thing you see is writing on a whiteboard: 2.5 million annual deaths, 120,000 accidental deaths, 38,000 suicides, 16,000 homicides. How, or what, do you think about those four numbers?

    (That’s not meant to be game-playing, trick-question stuff. My point, I think, is that the anti-gunners have to jump through a whole bunch of mental hoops, mostly dishonestly in my opinion, to come to the conclusion that suppressing civil liberties, property rights, undermining the Constitution, opening the door to more unwarranted surveillance, etc., for 310 million Americans is a way of dealing with those numbers.)

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