Remember When it was Called “Global Warming”

Interestingly enough, the theory of Evolution, and the theory of Relativity are still under the same name as they were before I was born. But now its “Climate Change” because its DAMN cold!

Bizarre cold-weather phenomena called frost quakes — which generate shaking and ear-splitting sounds likened to exploding bombs — have blasted towns across the Northeast and upper Midwest during this extraordinarily frigid winter.

Thanks to social media reports, researchers have been able to study frost quake reports submitted from Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Canada and talk to those who felt and heard the unsettling booms and shakes.

“Experiencing them is not only incredibly unnerving, but due to snow cover it’s unknown if these loud, house-shaking booms have done any unseen damage,” said Ashley King, of Toronto, who believe she first felt one on Jan. 6.

I live on a lake, and I’m amazed I haven’t felt any of these during the massive cold snaps. I guess my lake is too small!

Wasn’t that long when they told us “Ice” was something you’d only find in your grocer’s freezer section!

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4 Responses to Remember When it was Called “Global Warming”

  1. Kermit says:

    Weerd, your video auto-plays a fairly annoying ad as soon as your site loads, which is not optimum when it’s 5 AM and I’m checking your site instead of getting ready for work. Any way to turn auto-play off on it?

  2. Linoge says:

    Hell, my parents remember when it was “ZOMG BRACE FOR THE IMPENDING ICE AGE”.


    So much for that.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah I’m a little young to remember that “New Ice Age” stuff. Tho my skepticism against what was then the “Greenhouse Effect” started when my Oceanography professor showed us ice core data and global historical temperatures, and pointed out that the warming that stopped in the late 90s (was still going up at the time of the class) really looked more like the historical starts to the ice ages.

      No way to be sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if when I’m an old man we’ll be living in a much colder world.

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