Ruger LCR Sight Mod

Nice little video about replacing the front-sight of your Ruger LCR

Yep, I’m really happy with mine too. I prefer the standard LCR .357 over the LCRX just because I don’t like that extra gap for crap to get into my gun for a hammer I will likely never cock in a defensive situation. Also I prefer the .357 because the gun costs the same as the .38 but you can shoot .357 through it and it doesn’t weigh any more than you’d notice.

Still those black sights are REALLY hard to pick up in low-light. I’m going to go the cheap route and just buy some obnoxious colored nail polish (blaze orange or metallic pink are what I’ll be looking for) and probably use what’s left on my toes.

Fiber optics are better as they glow in even low light, but really all my other gun sights have just simple white highlights which seems to be enough contrast for me to see what I’m doing.

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