They’re Getting Closer to my Wish!

So on this week’s Handgun radio Ryan and I talk about summer vs. Winter carry.

But in my “Obscure Gun” segment I stated that Ruger should make a full-size .357 similar to the GP100 but using the LCR technology.

Not QUITE what I wanted, but boy they’re getting close. This is a .38 +P, and there is no reason why they won’t come out with a .357 variant. Still it’s using the same frame so it’s only a 5-shot. I’d want a 6-gun or more for it to be worth my time.

Still the larger barrel and grip, plus the adjustable sights and exposed hammer (which frankly I could care less about, since I generally only shoot DA revolvers in double-action) are showing that they’re thinking more about my dream.

All I ask, Ruger, is when you build that full-size polymer revolver, you give me a contributor copy for the idea!

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2 Responses to They’re Getting Closer to my Wish!

  1. Ben C says:

    I would love to see both this gun and the shorter barrell version in 327 Federal. Should give 6 shots and be a slick little blaster.

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