Tonight we SQUIRREL!

Another topic-rich show for you all tonight!

Ebola might be the new plague of the 21th Century

.Gov Types are REALLY horrible about keeping track of guns…hey but if your favorite gun shop has a clerical error on some of their paperwork you’ll have to find a new place to shop!

We’re going to get dirty talking about the Israel/Gaza war

The UK turning into an Islamic Theocracy

Massachusetts’ new gun bill heading to the Governor’s desk , It started out as an anti-gun bill, it still kinda is, but a lot of pro-gun stuff has been added. Bottom Line, Massachusetts is still not America.

Another Left-Wing Cabal of Journalists has been discovered
! This is my shocked face!

So yeah, join us at 9pm EST and call us to talk about this stuff! 214-530-0036

Another great show! It’s the SQUIRREL REPORT!!!

Squirrel Tattoo

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  1. Ratus says:

    Its the 21st century weer’d.


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