Two Baby Enter, One Baby Leave!

I mentioned this on the Squirrel Report the other night, and today while Mrs. Weer’d and Rockstar were out getting their nails done as a Mother’s Day Present, Vector and I were left alone with the kids.

When this happens the only logical solution is of course BABY THUNDERDOME!!!


OK, both babies had a great time, and both left unharmed. Still it had to be done!

For those not in the know:

Don’t leave your children alone with g33ks, we do bizarre things!

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4 Responses to Two Baby Enter, One Baby Leave!

  1. Alan says:

    That is so awesome.

  2. McThag says:

    Break a deal face the wheel!

    “A cow says ‘MOOOOOOO’!”

  3. Mdev says:

    Here is an actual see and say. It’s even ocean themed.

    Baby thunder dome. Waaaaay too cool.

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