Weer’d World Review 2014

I’ll skip the stories of the year because we all have our favorites, and tons of other sites are doing that.

So let’s talk about the year for me personally.

First up this is the first full year where I had a baby, and I was working part-time as to be a full-time Dad. I expected this to be a difficult transition in my life, and it was, but in some instances it was more difficult than I thought, and in others it was much easier.

Certainly this change has made this year the happiest in my life.

Also this year I got a LOT more into mixology. I worked as a bartender in my youth, and have enjoyed fine drinks since I was 21, but this year was the first where I’ve become really interested in crafting balanced and interesting cocktails. It’s yet another expensive hobby, but boy it is an enjoyable one.

I’ve also expanded much more into podcasting. Of course the Squirrel Report is ongoing, and an amazing endevor and a dream come true as it really isn’t a podcast but an internet New and Talk show. As a huge fan of this genre of traditional radio, it has always been a dream of mine to be a host of a show like this. This year was the start of the Gunblog Variety cast of which I am very pleased with. Further I did a few more shows with Chaz at the Road Gunner Podcast , and I really flattered at how many times this year I’ve been invited to chat with Ryan on Handgun Radio.

Because of all this time behind the microphone I’ve upgraded my microphone setup which is something I should have done ages ago.

We also had a major renovation done on the house which ended with us having an mudroom, a large coat closet, and a playroom for the baby all out of per-existing space that was poorly added by the previous owners of this house. It was long and challenging but well worth it!

Really the only bad thing that has happened this year is due to the changes in my life due to looking after the baby, the biggest being less time spent at this blog has been diminished, and there has been a pretty severe drop in readership.

Still I don’t blog for clicks. It’s nice to have big readership, but really I blog here for discussion, and those of you who comment here on a regular basis are still here, so really the point is pure vanity!

So yeah, those are the highlights of this year. Something tells me next year will be so much better!

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