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“Gun Death” Bat Beating

Bats: We Should Ban them!!! A third suspect has been arrested in connection with the killing of a man who was beaten to death with a baseball bat in September. Go have a look at those mug shots! Obviously if … Continue reading

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Well Prepared

This is interesting: Police in Columbus say a woman sleeping on a couch with a loaded gun fatally shot an intruder who smashed through a front window. A police report said the man who was shot had broken into a … Continue reading

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War on Women

Really except not. They do imply that “Progressives” hate on women more, but I don’t buy it. Really it boils down to men and women are different, biologically, and culturally, and that means less money. My wife and I have … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Binge Drinking

Wasn’t a “Gun Death” Four members of a Nebraska university frat house have been charged with supplying the alcohol that an 18-year-old freshman binged to death on. University of Nebraska-Lincoln student **DEPARTED** was found dead in his room at FarmHouse … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” License and Registration Pt 2

Remember we license drivers and register cars! Lewisville Police are investigating a deadly auto-pedestrian accident involving an unlicensed driver. …The preliminary investigation has revealed that a 16 year old Lewisville resident was told by her father that she could start … Continue reading

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And In Case You Don’t Have Enough of My Voice in Your Ear

I was on Gun Guy Radio with Ryan. Generally Ryan and I talk about handguns on Handgun Radio, but since he’s guest-hosting Gun Guy Radio we had an opportunity to talk about long guns. This week we talked about shotguns … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Variety Show

Yep time for another Gunblog Variety Cast! Show notes here, and show below. Also thanks to Ratus for making this cool image for the show! The image says it all!

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Anti-Rights Retread

Found this via the usual suspects. In this bit from a show he did in 2014, Jefferies brilliantly and hilariously points out the absurdity of America’s reaction to mass shootings as opposed to his native Australia. “In Australia, we had … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Licensing and Registration

You hear this all the time by anti-gunners. We license drivers, and register cars! Why can’t we do it with guns. Yeah! Authorities in northeast Ohio say at least a dozen people were injured when a stolen truck crashed into … Continue reading

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Good Article

I had plans for a full post using this article, but I’m just not feeling it. Still if you haven’t read it you should! Again, read the whole thing, but just for a taste, here’s the closing paragraph: That’s a … Continue reading

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