It Amused Me

Ok they’re crappy, and not really taking mixology that serious, but I was amused:

First up there was a bunch of overlap, also how can you say “What is a Girl Drink” without being innately sexist.

I could say that a dry martini, or a Negroni are so, respectivly, dry and bitter than it is preferred by men, and I could go even worse and say sticky-sweet candy monstrosities like a Fuzzy Navel or a Midori Sour are for the sisters.

Still note that both lists reference the Manhattan. But the Manhattan is a very balanced drink, it’s savory, sweet, and bitter all at once, but none overpowering the others.

Still it’s not like Manhattans are the best selling drinks at the bars….in fact most drinks served at bars are BORING! Light Beer, and shot mixed with soda-pop.

Most people don’t like cocktails because they aren’t interested in an interesting drink, they just want to get drunk without tasting the booze.

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  1. Kermit says:

    Hence why I prefer a good beer, instead of the sex-in-a-canoe mass-produced stuff. I absolutely -hate- being drunk, but I like my alcohol, and I love a good, complex, well-balanced drink. I’m too lazy to do my own mixology (and liquor can get me drunk, which is A Bad Thing in my mind), so I go with various and sundry different micro and semi-micro brews. A couple of IPAs or porters (I have a wide taste in beer), and I’m nice and mellow, without being the stumbling-drunk I’d be with the same amount of mixed drinks.

    However, on the rare occasion I do go for something harder, it’s usually some redneck “mixed drink,” consisting of two fingers of Jack Daniels over ice, with half a can of Dr. Pepper added. Most any other dark soda can substitute, but never, NEVER try Mountain Dew… I puked that one right up, only time I’ve ever barfed from a drink.

  2. Zendo Deb says:

    That is a bit silly. I drink everything from beer, wine, straight Scotch or Irish (maybe with a splash of water) to rum, gin-and-tonics (strictly for medicinal purposes) and black Russians. (I even make my own Kahlua for those.)

    (If you didn’t know, quinine in tonic water staves off malaria. So far, so good. Works great, and tastes good on a summer evening.)

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yep the G&T was invented by the British Raj to stave off Malaria, and the Gimlet was invented by the British East India Company to stave off Scurvy.

      And Gin was invented to stave off most diseases….and I can’t say they’re wrong!

      • Joe in PNG says:

        There’s something just… perfect about the way the flavors of gin blend with the flavors of good tonic water (and citrus).

        And there’s a cultural thing, if one is at a lovely beachside tropical resort. The margarita and others of the same “smoothie with booze” type seem to scream “tourist”, whereas the Gin&Tonic is more… local? At home?

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