Back to the Shovel!

So I daycare had a late opening, so I got all my gear ready so I could drop her off fast and hopefully make the last rush hour train to Boston so I could make a very late arrival in the lab.

And then that train got cancelled, and so far train service has been spotty. Looking like I would be spending a trivial amount of time at work for a potentially disastrous commuter time, I contacted a few people who live closer to the lab, and they managed to cover all critical events for today.

So yeah, those back steps that didn’t get shoveled? I’m out to the cold again!

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2 Responses to Back to the Shovel!

  1. Bob S. says:

    My heart bleeds for you but not enough to give up living in Texas.

    Clear blue skies and warm temps today. — just wish I had it off so i could go to the range, the outdoor range.

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