Bug-A-Salt 2.0

So if you haven’t, read my review if the Bug-A-Salt, go check it out.

My overall findings were that the Bug-a-Salt is VERY lethal on insects like flies and ants when shot at or inside an approximate 3′ range, but the lethality of the shot may not be instantaneous, even if properly placed.

So really the gun is AMAZING fun, but it’s limitations are #1. Very short range, #2. Bugs often taking flight after a solid hit, leading to unconfirmed kills.

So then they launched the Bug-a-Salt 2.0.

This unit boasts a stronger piston for better kills and longer range, a tighter choke for more consistent kills, and less salt chambered for less cleanup when sniping flies indoors.

The last one wasn’t much of a concern. I’ve certainly come home to find a fly in the house, and if the wife wasn’t home, I’d reach for the best tool around to fix the problem. A few well-placed shots indoors isn’t going to make much of a mess.

One thing not stated, and I’m not sure if it’s unique to my two units, or across the whole line is the trigger is MUCH better.

I got my 2.0 in Yellow a few months ago…when the world was still frozen. I fired a few shots into a snow bank and found that the 2.0 looks nearly identical to the 1.0, that the trigger was much better, and it SEEMED a bit more powerful.

Well today I took it out for a “hunt” while the Baby was sleeping.

WOW! All the claims seemed correct. Definitely appeared to have a LOT more range. Choke was indeed tighter, which meant misses would happen if you got lazy with your sight picture. Still the shots that connects ANCHORED the bugs I fired at.

One shot, and DROP! It’s still early in the season, I’ll see if I can get some more detailed terminal ballistics once the flies become thick.

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5 Responses to Bug-A-Salt 2.0

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  2. bubba says:

    it doesn’t make much of a mess, the salt was the only thing that was not messy.The 20 pounds of rotten meat that I had laid on the table to attract the flies was a little messy.

  3. Boogie Boo says:

    Try salt water in a spray bottle w hot water. Much cheaper

  4. gausscone says:

    Awww, I can’t see any followup. You done with these? I have a 3.0 and I wouldn’t call the trigger good but if it’s an improvement then I wouldn’t settle for less. Pump handle is pretty heavy too, and as far as I can see they’ve only been getting heavier. I wonder if a Red Ryder type action would make charging less of a drag.

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