Error in Victim Selection

This story is getting play on both sides of the issue:

SHAWNEE, Kan. (AP) — Police say three suspects and a business owner have been critically injured by gunfire in a botched robbery at a Kansas City gun shop.

Shawnee, Kansas, police Maj. Dan Tennis says four people tried to rob She’s A Pistol Friday afternoon. Three were shot. Two of them were critically injured. Another had less-serious wounds and was arrested with the fourth suspect in a residential area nearby.

A man who co-owns the store with his wife also was critically injured by gunfire inside the store. He and the wounded suspects were taken by ambulance for treatment. The female co-owner wasn’t shot but sustained minor injuries to her face.

The antis see this as nothing but wanton violence, and a reason for us to give up our guns. The the owner was shot, and his wife was injured! SEE??? GUNS DON’T KEEP YOU SAFE!!!

Well except it was 3 vs two, and the criminals planned the thing, and the shop owners were just open for business. All suspects are in custody. Hopefully the owner will pull though, and I’m pulling for you. Could be EVERYBODY is going to live.

So while it sucks so much blood got shed, what’s the alternative? Let the suspects rob the store, sell the guns, and commit more mayhem? Plus they ALREADY HAD GUNS, and now don’t.

Plus you think only non-violent people are hearing about this story? Those three jokers didn’t expect to get shot that day, and do you think they were the ONLY ONES who thought that way?

**UPDATE** It appears the store owner has died. My heart goes out to his surviving wife, their family, and the customers who knew him. The antis are using this as fodder, but again, three criminals off the street, their guns confiscated, the man’s wife will be fine. I’m not going to call it a “fair trade”, but I will call it a heroic one.


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2 Responses to Error in Victim Selection

  1. The_Jack says:

    And if the crocodile tears of the antis weren’t enough. Remind me again, what’s their stance when a person is attacked by a criminal?

    Oh right…. give them what they want.

    Which totally works when armed thugs want to rob a gun store. Course for the antis the blood of innocents is an advantage and their whole methodology is a bully going “stop hitting yourself” writ large.

  2. Archer says:

    Minor corrections: “Well except it was 4 vs two….” and “The antis are using this as fodder, but again, four criminals off the street, their guns confiscated, the man’s wife will be fine.”

    Three criminals were shot, but there were four present, and all four were arrested.

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