For You Pen and Paper Gamer G33ks

Found this series deeply amusing. Enjoy!

Yep the moment I stepped outside of D&D the more I never wanted to go back.

For those who like simplicity and have a group of good gamers, I’ve had GREAT results with this author.

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  1. Burnt Toast says:

    Paranoia was probably the most fun of any RP game I played.

    SPOILER – Everbody dies!

  2. Archer says:

    Always preferred the Palladium system myself. So many mods for it, so many character options, and so much crossover between extensions if your GM decides to get creative.

    One of my favorite such campaigns started out as a Robotech campaign (we played a squadron of Veritech pilots) tracking a renegade Zentraidi general who (eventually) took a Rift into the Phase World mega-verse and formed a (rather tenuous) alliance with the Kreeghor (who are a Hell of a lot tougher than rank-and-file Zentraidi).

    The battles were epic!

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