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So yeah, Now I have two bizarre bits of blogfodder, so now I really need to get off my ass….

First is obvious…and awesome!

Second is what I might call “Alcohol Abuse”

Road crews spent hours cutting a delivery truck out of a tree Wednesday afternoon.

The truck came down next to the northbound lanes of Interstate 95 near the Old St. Augustine Road exit near Baptist Medical Center South.

Crews had to use chainsaws to get the truck out of the tree. It took crews hours to get the branches out of the way.

Road crews and tow trucks spent hours working to get it down. We had to move to the other side of the highway because there was a danger the tree would fall.

A person who works for the company that owns the truck gave Action News pictures and said it was sideswiped going north on I-95.

Troopers say the truck hit some sort of divot and went airborne. The driver had leg injuries and was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Seriously, I hope they find the bastard that sideswiped that booze truck! They say “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”, but there are lots of minds, and many of them are sub-par…but a truck full of booze?

That’s just a crime!

Thanks FarmDad!

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