Funny That the Antis Aren’t Talking About This

The Anti-Gunners in General, and Michael Bloomberg’s “Moms Demand Action” have lost the war. They can’t get anti-gun bills passed, so they have yet again moved the goal posts to have national corporations make non-binding anti-gun press statements.

Most of these statements can only be found on anti-gun lobby sites, and not even on the corporate sites of the companies.

Still the antis are trying to get the largest grocery chain in the country, Kroger, to make an anti-gun statement. Kroger has made a statement, and it has been for the anti-gunners to go pound sand.

So the anti-gunners have doubled-down, any gun-related bad thing to happen in a Kroger, or near a Kroger gets reported as if it has a whit of relevance to their claims. Yep they want to ask Kroger to politely ask those who lawfully carry to leave their guns at home when shopping a Kroger or their affiliates, or take their business to another store, and until they do every assault, robbery, and mugging will be ALL THEIR FAULT!

(Do note when crap like this happens it is in no fault or relation to gun control laws! Also No Backsies…)

But the anti-gun streams have been deathly quiet on this story:

Leaving an Arkansas grocery store Wednesday night, one shopper said he witnessed a disturbing altercation — an elderly man getting beaten up while surrounded by a group of seven people.

“That’s just not good odds,” he told KOLR-TV.

So the 24-year-old Kroger shopper — who gave only a first name, Gene — decided to do something about the scene in the Little Rock parking lot.

He told KOLR he threw down his bags, stepped to the side — and then pulled out his gun and pointed it at the group.

…But the move got the group’s attention. ”They kept yelling this isn’t your fight, you need to walk away, you need to put the gun down,” Gene recalled to KOLR.

By this point, other shoppers had pulled out their cellphones and began documenting the standoff and calling police. ”Some lady behind yells, ‘There’s a man with a gun,’ to 911,” Gene said.

The group and the victim took off before police arrived. Police said they’re all related, and it was a nephew attacking his uncle. The victim, his face bloodied, told police he didn’t want to press charges.

While Gene told KOLR it was the first time he’s drawn his weapon after years of legally carrying one, he would make the same choice if faced with the situation again.

Video Here:

So let’s see we have a Kroger shopper with a gun. He’s had his permit for a while, yet has never drawn down on somebody before. He saw a total stranger in a very bad predicament (Multiple attackers, all likely stronger due to age). He drew his gun and diffused the situation. Meanwhile bystanders called the police.

The man didn’t shoot anybody, or even fire a shot.

The police didn’t confuse the good guy with a gun for a bad guy, and shoot him.

Really it’s just a general feel-good story.

Meanwhile I saw this story on Boston local news…yet none of the anti-gun people I follow have said PEEP about it….I wonder why…

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3 Responses to Funny That the Antis Aren’t Talking About This

  1. Bob S. says:

    Let’s not forget that not one other shopper confused the gun carrier with being an attacker and shot at him/drew down on him. That is one of the big lies of the antis — gun fight at OK Corral.

    And the generally anti-firearm media was showing positive reactions to the gun owner’s actions.

    What happened to “the general public is against people carrying guns”.

    Bob S.

  2. When Kroger announced their decision NOT to post NO/GUNS sign on the premises, I wrote them a letter. I told them that I live only a few blocks from their store, and I spend an average of $4000 a year there (do ALL my shopping in one place!).

    I said I like the service, the cleanliness, the friendly professional employees … and mentioned a couple of specific incidents where they gave me unexpectly special help.

    Also, I told them that I may or may not carry, but I never shop at establishments with “NO GUN”S signs posted: if they don’t trust me, why should I trust them?

    They also have a very good ‘rewards’ program, which cuts my monthly shopping bill beyond the fact that they usually have the lowest prices in town, the nicest store, the friendliest people and the best service.

    It never hurts to be nice. It costs nothing, and it encourages them to continue being a Good Neighbor.

    Try it. It beats having the store owners wonder if CHL folks are a bunch of raging lunitics.

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