Good Thing They Have Gun Free School Zones

Because that keeps insane and murderous professors in check!

Maumelle police are investigating the shooting deaths of three people on Auriel Circle Friday night.

…The initial findings, according to the Maumelle Police Department indicate an apparent arson, murder-suicide.

…A source close to the investigation has told FOX16’s Drew Petrimoulx that 41-year-old UALR professor **KILLER** is believed to be the shooter based on evidence at the scene.

But investigators are awaiting autopsy results to confirm that.**KILLER** wife, sister and two dogs were also found shot to death inside the burning home.

I don’t care what the motives are, shooting your wife, sister, and dogs, setting your house on fire, before punching your own clock is pure madness. Even if this was a case of the worst marriage on earth, he could have simply packed his bags and been banging hookers in Vegas before the sun set.

Hey, but notice he didn’t decide to cross that “Gun Free Zone” force field! That’s not a coincidence, those things work!

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