Images of the Antis: Bad Faith Argument

This would be a clever cartoon if it was at all true:

So first off, the fact that the Bizzaro World Wayne LaPierre has a rifle, and when you look at long-arm homicides and assaults we really don’t have a problem at all. I mean more people are killed with hammers than long-guns of any kind, that number becomes trivially lower if you want to only count the “Scary” AR-15.

Still the antis focus on “Gun Violence” and by “Gun Violence” I simply mean “Guns”. As we see from the “Gun Death?” Files violent people will do violent things with whatever tool is handy. If that tool is a gun we have a “Gun Death”, and the antis go wild…if it’s one of the ultra-rare homicides where somebody uses a so-called “Assault Weapon” it’s national news…even when one isn’t used, the anti-gun media reports the firearm as an AR-15 anyway to make more sensational and agenda-driven news.

Yet as we see, if the violent person has a kitchen knife, or uses an automobile, or a hammer…silence, because only “Gun Death” counts.

The argument could be made that we have a VIOLENCE problem…but I don’t even know if I’d make that one, as the vast majority of this country is VERY safe, and even the vast majority of major cities are safe, really it’s just a few REALLY bad neighborhoods, and even then the serious violent crimes are conducted by a handful of bad actors.

Honestly we have a criminal problem. Talk to a beat cop in one of these gang-infested cities, and he can probably rattle off several names and even the amount of time that cop has personally arrested them.

But again, who cares about any of that when you could just ban guns!

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  1. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    Of late, I have simply been telling those Antis who have the poor judgement to bring it up with me; “Either propose a Constitutional Amendment, or go away. If you aren’t prepared to amend the Constitution to make gun control laws legal, I have no time for you. I find the idea of a government that is not constrained by its own laws far scarier than any number of gun nuts.”

    They mostly fall silent, and scurry away. The one or two that have tried to argue inevitably charge me with being a “gun nut”, and I can truthfully tell them “I don’t own any fund, in spite of living in a State where Open Carry is legal. I am not handy with tools. I don’t own a power saw, for much the same reason. But people who want to grant the government the authority to weasel around the restrictions on its power worry me. It’s almost as if they hadn’t noticed governments murdering a hundred million people in the twentieth century.”

    None of them has ever uttered a peep after that.

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