“Gun Death” Another Mass Killing

Remember, we need to ban guns to prevent Massacres!

A 16-year-old Oklahoma boy will stand trial as an adult in the stabbing deaths of his parents and three siblings, a judge ruled Monday, rejecting a request by defense attorneys to certify him as a juvenile delinquent or youthful offender.

…Autopsy reports released Monday by the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office show the five family members were stabbed dozens of times and died of multiple, sharp-force injuries. The report noted that David Bever had at least 28 total wounds to his body; April Bever had at least 48 total wounds.

Yep, just ban them guns, and these mass killings will just go away, says the evil politicians!


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  1. Archer says:

    We’ll see if he has the audacity to throw himself on the mercy of the court and request leniency. Y’know, because he’s an orphan. 😉

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