Remember “Gun Safety Advocates”

The antis HATE when we call them “Anti Gun” simply because they LOVED it when Australia and the UK banned and confiscated guns, and can’t stop talking about how America should be more like them.

No just because they want to ban and confiscate all the guns, we can’t say they’re “Anti-Gun”, no, they’re “Gun Safety Advocates”.

OK never mind that it’s a wild swing at a Straw Man even the drug-addled “Progressives” at 30 Rock don’t believe in.

Just look at all the safety violations!

Yes they are “Gun Safety Advocates”, and as soon as they learn about gun safety they might advocate some of it….until then, isn’t is “Safer” to ban guns? Yeah, they’ll also read up on crime statistics after they’ve taken their NRA Basic Pistol course!

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One Response to Remember “Gun Safety Advocates”

  1. skybill says:

    SNL just “Outdid” themselves!!! ‘Only vid I’ve seen that even comes close is the two kids with the “Dualin’ Dildos’!” …..the piece about “Lock up yer’ Gunz!!! ,,,,,,”Dildo’s too!!!!
    Got Gunz…….OUTLAW!!!!,

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