“Gun Death” Horrible Auto Accident


A large piece of construction stone killed a woman Tuesday in Bastrop County during a crash when it flew through a windshield and struck her, the Texas Department of Public Safety said.

…A semi-truck driven by 57-year-old Victoria resident Jeffery Blackmon was eastbound hauling a flatbed trailer loaded with construction rock on the highway when it crashed into the trailer of another eastbound semi-truck that was stopped to turn left onto Texas 21, DPS said.

The collision caused Blackmon’s semi-truck to veer into oncoming traffic and spill its load. One piece of rock went through the windshield of a Mercedes

From what I read it sounds like it was just an accident…still the nature of the load and the severity of the accident a woman is dead. Maybe we should ban heavy-load hauling vehicles because they make this kind of death “too easy”.

Of course reality is we all accept the dangers of driving, and do our best to mitigate them, still even a vehicle as studded with safety equipment as a Mercedes can’t stop EVERYTHING. We just accept this horror and move on with our lives.

Yet the antis don’t think this way. When it is a violent criminal shooting somebody, they don’t think about the judicial and penal system that had them wandering around free, nor do they accept that accidents and even negligence happen, even at VERY small rates. The knee-jerk with “Gun Death” is to ban guns, and to ignore stories like this.

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